In the Rain Lane brand phonograph, time is melodious

Writer:Rain LaneDate:2017-12-21
It's to give the heart a space to rest
Slow down to find life
When you're quiet, you can hear your heart
The phonograph, in these two states, reduced the monologue of life
Listen quietly, and make a chord in your heart, and put yourself in a light and shallow drink
Time keeps quiet, and joy comes to heart.
Does does does
The passage of time is just the beauty of life.
The days are inreplicable, and we love the phonograph,
It's the slow pace.
Rain lane classical gramophone 1803
There is a phonograph, there is a slow reason, there is a beautiful atmosphere.
Time fell in a phonograph,
Anxiety is healed, exhaustion is placed;
Time falls in a phonograph,
When loneliness is cured, sorrow is laid.
Del del del
Life is more than one person.
People come and go, you pass me, I pass you,
Sometimes they get together,
Open the gramophone and listen to the music.
Not for those heavy pursuits,
It was just a cozy silence.
That's what it feels like to hear the phonograph,
The voice in the phonograph has temperature,
There is emotion, the joy of life is sad,
There are some unforgettable feelings.
Del del del
It turned out that it was listening to a talk,
A story, some legends.
Every man has gone south and traveled the mountains,
Always want to go to that new place, take a look at the scenery,
But in the end, just want to get back to the warm home.
Life, on the road to struggle,
Meeting all sorts of moods,
The taste of the gramophone song,
With the ups and downs of those moods,
Or lonely or joyful,
Del del del
Life will be better than heart,
Listen carefully, life will be calm,
In front of the phonograph, the time is leisurely.

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