The new products are recommended by the manufacturer, YZX1903

Writer:Rain LaneDate:2017-12-21
Rain lane brand phonograph new! Model: rain-lane/RainLaneYZX1903, listen to this old friend and you must be wondering how she differs from YZX1901 and YZX1902.
Yes, the new 1903 was inspired by 1901/1902, which is a 1901, 1902 upgrade!
From the simple desktop, to the simple vertical, then to the more level of the vertical, the new launch, a lot of friends love.
YZX1903, the brand of the rain lane brand, adopts the fashion S curved arm, the standard of high-end phonograph, and the big arm of the retro turbo.
The record sings the arm automatic stop function, the three-speed black jukebox, supports CD DVD playback, supports USB, SD card terminal play, non-destructive music play, restore the authenticity, highlight the excellent sound quality;
The bluetooth connection is played, the sound source is very stable, the operation is more convenient, the old children can operate, let the user enjoy the massive network music.
YZX1903 petals curved embossed pure copper horn, it is made of 8 pieces of copper trim, pure by hand. The horn decoration is from the classic inheritance, the high notes are issued from the loudspeaker, more permeable.
YZX1903 fuselage adopts the Roman column design, the lower cabinet USES the church dome design, the modelling is extremely European style, let the history shuttle in the modern, let the contracted recur in the art; The carved column is round and delicate, the solid is rich, lifelike, the chassis is solid;
European-style vintage style old handle, high precision CNC grinding, line graceful, strong and durable; There is no excessive design of the design, the design is simple and extraordinary, solemn and atmosphere; Built-in low sound artillery, super bass, shocked.
Full featured music, low sound, pure copper loudspeaker, solid wood, hand-carved... The introduction of so many, small make up to feel a little familiar? Because: the selling point of other people's home is the standard of rain lane!
Experience the charm of black glue, as always beautiful sound quality. Hope that through the rain lane very imaginative design work, can bring you a elegant noble life experience, we use more simple, more beautiful, more sincere slow grinding way, bring you the most visual perception and auditory feeling that touches your soul.

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