Agency conditions:

Love the home industry, with a positive self - confidence and desire for success.

Has a good modern business awareness and management capabilities, recognition of the road of the corporate culture, and completely obey the company unified management.

Have strong economic strength and learning ability.

Honest and trustworthy, in the local have greater influence and good reputation, and have a good social relations.

Have good experience and excellent business bunches.

We are concerned about the interests of agents:

Profitability for sustainable development:
  With the development and expansion of enterprises, with the brand awareness and reputation of the improvement of training services and a wide range of packaging and publicity, priority to have the product of the agent will be able to bring you a wise return.

Regional exclusive agency:
  Meet the company's agents will have the designated area of the undisputed exclusive agency, in the region where the region according to the needs of any perfect sales network, a dominance.

You can trust the supplier and the total distribution:
  The company has a good reputation, we adhere to the integrity of business, cooperation and mutual benefit, and effectively safeguard the interests of distinguished dealers! This is our commitment, but also our philosophy!

Advantage of the development of enterprises:
秒速时时彩平台   The company is a rapid development of many years of phonograph production and domestic and international sales experience of the enterprise, I produced the phonograph has been sold to various regions, including Europe and the United States developed countries, product quality through the 3C, ISO9001 and other authoritative certification. Is your best choice!

Perfect after-sales service guarantee

Franchising Flow

Step 1:Contact us

You can contact us in three ways:
1、Call the wealth hotline 0755-84118220;
2、Click on the customer service window on the page;
秒速时时彩平台 3、Click on the link: Contact us.

Step 2:Franchisee to apply

· And Yu Xiang Lane Marketing Manager to communicate, the initial understanding of funds;
  Personnel, the election point and so on;
· Marketing Manager initially informed the franchisee to join the conditions
   Our join advantage;
· Fill in the franchisee personal information and join the application form for the record。

Step 3:We will provide early consultation services

· Provide advice and advice on site selection, construction and investment;
· Give advice and advice on operational management;
· To give all kinds of license management advice and recommendations;
· Give advice and advice on opening.

Step 4:Signed a formal franchise contract

· Confirm the terms of the contract;
· Formally signed a franchise contract;
· Advance payment deposit.

Step 5:Complete the joining procedures

· The franchisee provides the floor plan of the business floor, the company is responsible for the design
decoration program and renderings。
· Under the guidance of the company, according to the company's unified design program selection, decoration.

Step 6:Training

· The company unified for the franchisee to provide shop operation trainin.。
· Management software and hardware operation training.
· Market analysis and market channel development guidance.
· Staff training.

秒速时时彩平台 Step 8:We provide operational guidance

· Standardize the operation, in a timely manner to reflect the operation of the company。
· Implement the company's publicity and promotional measures。
· Companies from time to time to join the party training and guidance。

Step 7:Officially opened operation

· Implementation of the publicity program and promotional measures.
· Hold the opening ceremony.
· Tracking the operation of the operation, to provide advice.
· Timely feedback on the initial operation of the operation.

Step 9:Production Order

· Franchisee in accordance with the franchise agreement, the next production order for production.
· Delivery of a deposit.

Step 10:Logistics

· By the company through the logistics with delivery.
· The general situation sent to the franchisee to operate.

Franchising Application

Less than or equal to 20 characters (including A-Z, a-z, 0-9, Chinese characters, excluding special characters)
By the number, "+", in the bar "-" composition, the maximum allowed 20 characters
Join the city:
* Entered characters:0 Word
Less than or equal500Character
Verification code:
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